To get this rank, all you need to do is be active on the server for 3 weeks. Just be sure to ask when you believe you meet this criteria. This is what Member grants you:

  • New chat colour and ‘(Member) Name’ format
  • Ability to use banned items
  • Access to /tp
  • Access to /grow (grows trees, cacti, large mushrooms)
  • Access to /settle (settles liquids and stops liquid flow)
  • No limits to protections


To get this rank, what you’ll need to do is donate USD $5 to the server. This is what Ace grants you:

  • Everything Member has plus…
  • Unique chat colour and ‘(Ace) Name’ format
  • Access to /buff and /permabuff
  • Access to /butcher
  • Access to /time
  • Access to /ptime (allows you to freeze time for yourself)
  • Access to /clear
  • Access to /heal
  • Access to /refillchest (makes chests refill)
  • Ability to create VIP warps
  • Ability to spawn bosses, minibosses & DD2 event
  • Ability to move move NPCs

Sound like a good deal? Here’s where you can donate! Donate here